The Paranormal Hobo

Take a trip on the paranormal side

Topher the Paranormal Hobo takes you on a paranormal road trip, from one paranormal tourist spot to another.  Follow him as he hits the places that you are interested in.

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Video Episodes

West Virginia Bigfoot
with Les O'Dell

Topher heads back to West Virginia to talk with Les O'Dell of the WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters group. He even gets a critique of his Bigfoot calling skills.

The Grafton Monster

Topher comes back through West Virginia and follows up on the cryptid trail. This time he heads to Grafton to look at the area of the sighting. Check out Topher's journey at

Georgia Expedition Bigfoot Museum

Topher continues his cryptid search with a dip into Georgia with the Expedition Bigfoot Museum in Blue Ridge Georgia. Then heads out to the location of a recent sighting. Check out Topher's journey at

Continuing his paranormal roadtrip, Topher the Paranormal Hobo makes a stop in Sutton WV. Check out Topher's journey at

The Flatwoods Monster Museum

Point Pleasant and Mothman

Topher the Paranormal Hobo is back on the road looking for interesting places to explore. Today he wanders to West Virginia and comes across Point Pleasant WV. and the Mothman. Check out Topher's journey at