Car Trouble and Other Issues

Well, I know my friends say that I have a curse. Every time I go on a road trip whether it be out east, or down south, I tend to have some kind of problem that costs me a lot of money and leaves me stranded for a while. So they need to stop putting out those bad vibes… lol

The Tahoe, or the battle wagon as I sometimes call it, made it almost to the meeting spot with Les. It lost power and died on top of a mountain. I thought that I might have used too much gas going up and down the sides. But alas that wasn’t the case. I am not sure what is wrong, but after 10-15 minutes of waiting, it fired right back up. And died 50 miles later, literally 3 miles from the meeting spot. But after a small wait, it fired up again.

I made the meeting, recorded it. Stopped and made sure the oil was topped off (in case it was just low oil pressure or something), and decided to head back home for a breather and to get it checked before hitting the next locations. I got home, after stopping like 5 times in a five hour trip, to find that some of the video didn’t record. I got enough for an episode, but nothing like what I had recorded. Kind of bummed, since this is the first time that happened, but on to the next thing. Going to get the wagon sorted and running again, and while I am down I have been talked into covering something that had happened close by. So the videos will still be coming, even while sidelined due to car problems.

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