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Car Trouble and Other Issues

Well, I know my friends say that I have a curse. Every time I go on a road trip whether it be out east, or down south, I tend to have some kind of problem that costs me a lot of money and leaves me stranded for a while. So they need to stop putting out those bad vibes… lol

The Tahoe, or the battle wagon as I sometimes call it, made it almost to the meeting spot with Les. It lost power and died on top of a mountain. I thought that I might have used too much gas going up and down the sides. But alas that wasn’t the case. I am not sure what is wrong, but after 10-15 minutes of waiting, it fired right back up. And died 50 miles later, literally 3 miles from the meeting spot. But after a small wait, it fired up again.

I made the meeting, recorded it. Stopped and made sure the oil was topped off (in case it was just low oil pressure or something), and decided to head back home for a breather and to get it checked before hitting the next locations. I got home, after stopping like 5 times in a five hour trip, to find that some of the video didn’t record. I got enough for an episode, but nothing like what I had recorded. Kind of bummed, since this is the first time that happened, but on to the next thing. Going to get the wagon sorted and running again, and while I am down I have been talked into covering something that had happened close by. So the videos will still be coming, even while sidelined due to car problems.

Back to West Virginia

Now that that is out of the way, I leave this morning to go back to West Virginia. I know some may ask why I am backtracking but I have to be honest and say that I was hoping to have more done before heading to Georgia. It worked out that I could only talk to a couple people after I was supposed to already have left. So it just worked out that way.

So, I am back on the road, another 8+ hour trip back into the mountains of West Virginia. This time to talk about bigfoot (yes again) with an actual bigfoot hunter and the head guy of the West Virginia Cryptids and Strange Encounters group. He is talking about having casts that he has made from prints and a log book full of sightings. This should be pretty cool of a trip.

Detour – On to Georgia

I had planned on hitting Georgia at some point, however, the opportunity came up to do another video shoot with a local from there… plus they have a bigfoot museum that I couldn’t pass up. So for the next 9 hours I am on the road through three different states to check this out. I will rebound back up after to talk with Les O’Dell and get this thing moving.

On the flip side, this trip is moving a long faster than I thought it would and can’t wait for the next big place on my list. If anyone is reading this, and they have ideas for where to go, let me know. I can’t wait for the next point on the map.

Flatwoods and Grafton

I was surprised how small these towns were. Sutton wasn’t much but that did lead me to contact with several other people in the area. Like a bigfoot hunter named Les O’Dell. Plan on meeting up with him in a couple of days. But for now I am getting all the stuff I can while I am here.

Grafton didn’t have a museum, but a local coffee shop named Espresso Yourself seems to be the home of the story right now. Unfortunately, I was not able to talk with Brandon (the guy with all the goods) but I was able to be at the site and tell a little of the story. Hope to get those videos posted soon. Can’t wait to talk with Les in a couple of days.

Point Pleasant Points the Way

Funny thing happened when I hit Point Pleasant. First I found a bunch of really nice people who want to keep people coming to their town. Second I found one restaurant that ran me out saying that I was a walking liability because of my allergies, but that lead me to the best place I have ever eaten, Zack and Scotty’s. They made things from scratch for me, and served it faster than most places. They rock. But that’s besides the point. I think I found a direction for the trip.

In the museum, I found out just how close the Flatwoods Monster events took place, and that there was a museum in Sutton to the event. Heck yeah, I thought, this is going to be perfect for my next stop. But then I find out that the Grafton Monster from the Fallout 76 game is a real thing too… and just another hour further than Sutton. Well here we go, next three stops on my trip all planned out. I will get the videos up as soon as I can.

On the Road

Today I am stepping out of the house for the first time since the Covid lockdowns… ok so not exactly for the first time, but for the first road trip since the lockdown. The plan? To hit these small towns and out of the way places that have a lot creepy, cryptid, or high strangeness going on. I think for the first leg of my trip I am going to head to West Virginia. On my plate first is a place that I have wanted to go for a while, then figured out it was less than a four hour drive away, Point Pleasant, WV. From there I am going to let the road take me as I find my way, with no rhyme or reason, from one stop to another.

I think it’s going to be fun, and as always, I plan on documenting the trip so that people can find new places or get an idea of what they want to do on their next paranormal adventure trip. Lets hit the road.