Longer than Expected

As the weather rolled in and the snow flew, and yes I am stuck up in the north right now, I have found that I am even further from getting back on the road than I originally thought.

I am still trying to get the Tahoe up and running reliably, but for now after replacing a few things it drives better. I am just not sure that it is 100% ready for the long trips that I have planned. Fingers crossed that I will have the money to take care of it like I hope here soon so I can get to warmer climates, lol.

But, all in all, I haven’t forgot about you guys, nor have I given up on the hobo. In fact, as thing get a little more settled, maybe I can do a video on the inside of the Tahoe and show you what I travel around in. It is comfy, and compact but it’s only me (as of right now), so it makes for a nice home away from home when on the road. Also, it is cheaper than paying $80 a night or so at a cheap hotel.

Well, got to get back to the day to day stuff and try to earn enough money for the last few repairs. I am going to throw an oil change, a tune up, and a couple new tires into the mix. Got to keep the battle wagon going.

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