Point Pleasant Points the Way

Funny thing happened when I hit Point Pleasant. First I found a bunch of really nice people who want to keep people coming to their town. Second I found one restaurant that ran me out saying that I was a walking liability because of my allergies, but that lead me to the best place I have ever eaten, Zack and Scotty’s. They made things from scratch for me, and served it faster than most places. They rock. But that’s besides the point. I think I found a direction for the trip.

In the museum, I found out just how close the Flatwoods Monster events took place, and that there was a museum in Sutton to the event. Heck yeah, I thought, this is going to be perfect for my next stop. But then I find out that the Grafton Monster from the Fallout 76 game is a real thing too… and just another hour further than Sutton. Well here we go, next three stops on my trip all planned out. I will get the videos up as soon as I can.

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